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It's a really lovely start to 2022 to have two wood engravings selected for the Society of Wood Engravers 84th Annual Exhibition. The exhibition will be showing 129 relief prints from many amazing artists. It will start on 1 Feb @banksidegallery which is next to the Tate Modern in London. It will be touring the UK throughout the year. For all information regarding venues and dates please visit: #paddingtonstation #hammersmithtubestation @societyofwoodengravers @societyofgraphicfineart @woodengraversnetwork #woodengraving #originalart
2 weeks ago
New Year studio tidy up. I just love finding much earlier work😎 This picture literally is a keyhole to a past life... The keyhole and the key is of the back door to the farmhouse I grew up in. The curtain and its rail covered the front door of the house...The new moon πŸŒ™ she was in the winter sky at the time πŸ˜‰ xx Old pictures can be just be packed with so much 'stuff'... This picture was drawn with Karisma pencils which sadly no longer exist. They were fabulous to work with. #newyear #studiotidyup
2 weeks ago
Rebecca Coleman sgfa
Rebecca works in a variety of media and has exhibited work at some of the country's most iconic locations — the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts, the Mall Galleries, and in Cork Street — and with distinguished organisations including the Society of Wood Engravers and the Royal Society of British Artists. She also regularly exhibits at other galleries across the UK and beyond, and in 2014 she was elected to the Society of Graphic Fine Art.