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Oil paintings of London Underground stations
3 June 2015, 20:17

Here are several oil paintings that I have just finished. It is exciting to explore these underground spaces in this medium as compared with wood engraving - as it allows far more flexibility and colour adds a different dynamic.

The Tube stations are of Kennington and Finsbury Park. I caught the walls of the stations at Kennington just at the point of the adverts being taken down and replaced. I loved the way the historical layers underneath gave way to an amazing abstract colour display. In a similar way the wonderful balloon mosaics of Finsbury Park give a wonderfully permanent colourful artwork.

Having completed the finer details, including glazing, these pictures are now drying and will be varnished later this year.

My next Tube challenges in oils will be Blackhorse Road and Balham stations. Both are on the Victoria line - I love the blue of this Tube line, I don't know why, it's just a lovely bluey turquoise.